In Montessori, we try to avoid confining a child unless necessary. When the girls were born, I had a broken arm and strollers were the only way I could get around with both. And, really, strollers are such a lifesaver in general.

While there are so many different options, I’ll share a little bit about why we have ours. We chose an Uppababy for three reasons:

1- In-line strollers for twins versus a side-by-side makes life so much easier. They go through doorways like a breeze and it’s easier in crowds.

2-We wanted Uppababy car seats and they click in with such ease.

3-The bassinet. This particular stroller allowed for two bassinets to be used. This helped provide freedom and also made for great sleeping arrangements (with the bassinets removed from the stroller for safety) when we traveled.

While E and V prefer walking, we tend to continue bringing their stroller to long outings for a few reasons. It’s a great pack mule, haha. It carries coats, lunches, and comfort kits. It’s also perfect for when it’s close to nap time and they become weary or a distance is just too much.

A reason people tend to forget is that strollers are great for providing a safe environment within an environment. When necessary, the stroller is there for them to climb in, lower the hood, and observe their surroundings for a place of security. When they feel comfortable they come out and participate. This is perfect for respecting both my children when one child is eager to move about and the other needs a slight feeling of safety.

While our family also greatly enjoyed baby-wearing, for a long time, and I loved our Ergo, the reality is that there are so many reasons a child or family may use a stroller, let’s not forget about invisible disabilities.

Did your family use a stroller, practice baby-wearing, or a combo?

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