E and V have been potty learning for some time and accidents occur. They notice when accidents happen and have wanted to take more control over cleaning up and changing to new undies. With this new potty independence, we added three things to their room: a basket with undies, a dirty laundry hamper (just a small bin), and chair (that can also be used as a step-stool).

The chair is used to dress in the morning and when needing to sit for changes. While I plan on placing another chair in their room, there is currently only one. V has started to prefer it when changing while E still likes to stand up and hold onto their shelf or bed while attempting to undress.

Their dirty laundry bin and the dumping has become part of our daily routine. They prefer disposing of their dirties in their own small hamper overtaking them to the hamper in our room. If an accident occurs, they run their dirties to the bin and grab a new pair. Before bed, E or V dump their hamper contents in the laundry basket in our room, so that it’s ready for the wash in the morning. Their hamper remains in our room until the morning when they will replace it back in their room.

Their room isn’t very big so the bin and the chair are removed for sleep and replaced every morning. Removing them prevents them from being in the way and prevents disagreements.

The basket of undies stays has found the perfect location in their shelf, in a cubby next to their babies and blocks. When doing laundry, which we now do every morning, they fill up this basket with clean undies. This process, like with dishes, helps set a routine that they are part of.

We’ve found that by incorporating small changes, like these, at a time, E and V adjust better and the addition goes well. As with most things, any slight change is focused on and given lots of attention for a while until the newness has worn off.

Are you regularly making adjustments in your toddler’s environment, too?

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