E and V use floor beds. They have for naps, since the beginning, and began using them for bedtime, too, when they were a few months old. Having a floor bed from the start has really helped with the ‘awe factor and having new freedom.

But what about the child who is going from a crib to a toddler or floor bed? What about that new freedom? First, they need to test the limits, it’s new after all. There are different rules and the only way they will truly learn what these new rules are is to find them out first-hand.

Don’t be surprised if they play for a long time. This is okay. Remember, once that newness feeling wears off, the need to play all night likely will too. Keep to routine. Up at the same time in the morning, allowing their bodies to have consistency and makes it easier to “listen” to it. You may also find that they may not make it back to their bed to sleep. My little floor bed users slept on the floor, for months, once their physical development enabled them to move about their room and work freely. They were so busy working that sleep would just overcome them. If this is something that worries you, feel free to move your little sleeper to their bed. The girls had a carpeted room, so we didn’t worry too much about discomfort.

What about the new change of moving from a crib to another sleeping spot?

I would recommend not removing their crib completely, or at least make it easily accessible. The toddler who tries escaping their crib may seem ready to leave it behind for good, change is difficult. You may find that they request going back in, perhaps a bit later in the evening, after they enjoy some freedom.

There is a chance this may create a bit of confusion as to were they should really sleep, so perhaps try a nap (I always recommend any changes take place during nap first, a trial run, so to say) with the crib removed and see how it goes.

As always, follow the child–ensuring they are truly ready to leave the crib behind.




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