This Tuesday was a fun and busy day. I had a few crafts planned, two involved mallets and hammering, something both E and V really enjoy. One of them was a repeat, hammering flower petals. The other was new and quickly turned into a favourite, egg hammering surprise.

Using egg shells that had been dried, I filled them with a few squirts of paint (primary combinations to create secondary colours). I then placed them upside down on the paper in such a way that the girls would need to smash them to reveal the colours. Then, into our trust ziplock bags the paper and eggs go, ready for annihilation.

While both girls loved it, E seemed to enjoy this craft the most. She went full demolition mode, haha.

Honestly, the results were some of my favourites that they have created. The plan was to use these for Father’s Day (we have five cards to make) but I’m tempted to keep and display them in the house. Perhaps they will choose this one for daddy.


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