At our house, we love rainbows and all they stand for; hope, peace, promise, good luck, good fortune, and a fresh start. It’s also rainbow everything for our Rainbow Babies. Having just celebrated their first birthday, I thought a rainbow would be the perfect craft for Crafty Tuesday this week. It was also the perfect opportunity to show the girls how beautiful ALL colours are.

It’s too often that bright colours are chosen with black and brown being seen as “too drab” and often overlooked. Not in this house! Here, we love and appreciate all colours. For infants and toddlers, it’s also a great way to start talking to them about equality.

First, we made the colour brown. The awesome thing about brown, is that you use all three of the primary colours to create it. We then made rainbows using rolling pins and their new favourite kitchen utensil, the whisk.

This is one of my favourite crafts to do with the girls as it’s easy to setup and there’s no mess. All that is needed is paint, construction paper, and a ziplock bag. Currently, while they tend to enjoy doing little crafts like this, the girls don’t like to spend too much time on them.

Do you make sure to include black in brown in your rainbows?


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