We are adding something new this year: school IDs.


One reason is perks and discounts. Homeschooling isn’t cheap. I used to think we didn’t deserve to qualify for discounts since we aren’t a school, but then I had to rethink it because, well, why not? The only real difference between us and the local school is that they teach other people’s children. Okay, there’s actually a lot more differences, because if there wasn’t there would be no point in us homeschooling, and, also, we don’t get subsidies from the government. While I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking part in celebrations specifically set aside for teachers (I have so much respect and love for school teachers), we are legitimate and should qualify for the same field trip and school supply discounts as the next school.

You’ll want to double check and ensure your ID posseses all the requirements for where you live.

It helps to validate us as homeschool family when out and about. Yes, we are a family and enjoying are time together, but people are more resectful when they are aware that you are at a facility with purpose. There are times we wander the zoo, but then there are times we are driven to look for an animal in particular as we’ve been learning about them–such as the flamingo and its beak.

It helps signify that, they too, are in school. They have a cousin who has an ID so now they don’t feel left out and are just as special.

It’s a form of ID for my children, albiet not offical.

Here are a few options for getting your own homeschooling IDs:

Canva: This is what I used to create ours. I just did a search for ID cards, then customized them, and then laminated them.

Homeschool Buyers Club: An easy to fill out form with the option to print at home or pay and have your IDs delivered.

Academic Excellence: While these IDs can’t be printed at home, they do seem to meet the photo requirements for testing, such as SAT and ACT. A free option with easily editable PDF.

HSLDA: While these aren’t free, they are high-quality plastic IDs and I think we may go with these next year–but I really like how ours turned out so if there’s no problem, probably not.

Happy homeschooling!

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