1. Slicing
  2. Spreading
  3. Food without heat
  4. Food with heat
  5. Recipes using measurements
  6. Creating recipes

Slicing with a slicer was the first step in Montessori food prep. It’s a great introduction to food prep as it has few steps and requires basic lifting and pressing down. Next we begin slicing with the wavy chopper (some prefer a wood chopper as it is more dull). The wavy chopper is a little sharper a butter knife and should always be used with supervision.

I introduced the wavy chopper with bananas, one of the girls favourites (ok, it’s their absolute favourite–see photo–haha). The first time slicing the banana it’s ideal for it to be cut lengthwise in half or in thirds–this is so that the banana won’t roll. I did thirds just incase they decided not to chop all the banana so it wasn’t a choking hazard.

I bring the banana, a bowl, and the chopper to their kitchen counter, using their cutting board, with both hands, as they should. I remain silent as I take the chopper, placing both hands on top, I push down slicing a banana, in bite size bits. Once I’m done slicing, I transfer the cut banana to another bowl that will be moved to our place setting on the table for snack time. During all introductions, silence (or as little talking as possible) is best so that child focuses on your actions and the materials and not on your words.


When the knife was being waved around, out of excitement after their first chop, I placed my hands over theirs to once again model for them what to do. This allows me to demonstrate proper knife protocol without taking the knife from her. (With her joy, there was no way she would have gladly handed it back to me and this was not worth ruining the moment.) After a few slices together, I removed my hands and she went back to chopping on her own, safely.

With each snack that includes banana, they become more confidant and sure of the order and what to do.

Have you introduced the wavy knife to your little one?

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