It’s officially fall! We try to enjoy all four seasons and look for activities that help us celebrate them. With Covid, we don’t often go to public locations, but our local farmers market takes extreme precautions, so we felt comfortable going to pick up a few fresh items and fall goods. A few of the items we picked up were small pumpkins. The girls are really into water and washing these pumpkins, that are the perfect size for them, seemed like the perfect activity.

Their kitchen is not 100% complete yet, it’s still a work in progress although it’s getting very close and functional for what we wanted to do. We set-up the water dispenser and prepared soap, sponges, a scrub brush, and a towel to dry our pumpkins with.

So why pumpkin washing? It’s practical (clean decorations for around the house), it provides a sensory experience, practice following order (wet, soap, scrub, rinse, dry), and strengths hand muscles (sponge squeezing). It’s also just plain fun!

I showed them first, taking one of the pumpkins, dunking it in the water, using the scrub brush to rub the soap and then cleaning the pumpkin. I used the sponge (I cut a normal sponge in three for mini-sponges that were perfectly their size) to wash the soap off and then dried the pumpkin with the towel.

While it wasn’t perfect order and all steps weren’t achieved, the girls sure enjoyed practicing. Right now it’s all about the process and not the final product.

Has your little one enjoyed washing pumpkins this fall?




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