There are photos that we have hanging at a level that the girls may easily enjoy. We have a few in their bedroom and a few in the sitting-area where their weaning table was first placed. With the weaning table relocated to the kitchen, these photos have become more accessible. (We use frames that are safe for them to handle and use 3M Command Strips to secure them to the wall.) While there has been a few times E or V would remove one of the photos, I’d gently explain that these photos should stay in place for all of us to enjoy and they would oblige. But yesterday, E decide that all the frames needed to be removed, repeatedly.

We use Velcro® to secure boards to their learning tower that, lately, they have also begun to repeatedly remove. Between the velcroed boards and the velcro like Command Strips, it was clear an activity involving velcro was needed.

Inspired by another Montessori mother, I decided to create a velcro board for the girls. Using a scrap piece of wood (similar to this), Velcro® that I could cut into different sizes, and blocks from our block set I created a little activity I hoped would fill that desire.

The girls took to it immediately! While they have enjoyed ripping the blocks off, they have also enjoyed velcroing them together again. Having placed the Velcro® on different areas of the blocks, it becomes a puzzle, of sorts, as they figure out which way to put them together. I also alternated which side, loop or hook, was used for the board so that some of the blocks could be velcroed together. (I do plan on creating another velcro board, with the board completely covered in the hook-side, but didn’t at this time to prevent the fabric of E’s cast from getting stuck.)

I’m hoping that the sound of the velcro will also satisfy the desire of ripping paper, as they sound similar *fingers crossed*.

Does your little one enjoy enjoy velcro and ripping paper?



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