If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen me make shapes for E and V using sticks from the supply Hubby has for the spinning drums. They enjoy mimicking what I create, at times this has lead to frustration.

In a recent coaching session, I shared with a parent the way I need math explained to me, in the hopes that it would help their child as well. (To summarize, I need steps to be colour coded.) After this session, while watching E and V become frustrated trying to create a hexagon, I had an idea: a colour coded shape guide.

To save me time (we are still in the process of moving), I purchased popsicle sticks that were already coloured.

To make the cards I traced the sticks on cardstock, which I then laminated for durability so that the girls can either use them to lay the sticks directly on or to use as a guide.

Since I already did the work, I thought I would copy and save the card printables here to save you some time. I recommend printing on cardstock and laminating, for durability.

Colour stick printable

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