When I first saw this on Instagram, I knew we had to make this block of holes for E and V.

It’s just as it sounds: A solid wood block (12 inches long, 2.5 inches high, 2.5 inches wide) with holes in it–ten holes an inch apart on each side, to be exact. There is a separate design on each side of this wood block: one side is all the same depth holes in a straight line (I did this by marking the drill bit), another side has a straight line with different depths (I did this, again, by marking the drill bit), another side has an arch with holes all the same depth, and the final side has an arch with holes of different depths–then wax. In these holes, golf tees are places. (I never seemed to be rid of golf tees, coming from a family that loves to golf, but once I needed them for this activity, I needed to purchase them, haha.)


The different holes depths and designs create different challenges. While E and V are all about placing the golf tees in the holes, pegging still remains one of their favourite activities, they will also have the added challenge of balancing felt balls atop these tees, in time–this will help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

They are still mouthing too much for me to feel comfortable putting the felt balls out, at least not unsupervised.

I found these felt balls on Amazon as felting is not a craft I have decided to take on at the moment, but maybe in the future, haha. These are perfect when E and V are supervised or when they can be left out on the shelf to makes the block of holes more challenging. And then it needs to become even more challenging, we’ll add tongs.

I keep this block on a tray along with a little basket/chest to hold the tees. Since there are only ten holes on each side of the block, I only provide ten golf tees. I keep observing when they use this work, because once the start placing tees on the sides, vertically, as well as the side that is facing up, I will provide more tees. But right now, we treat this activity the same as we do the ten frame and only provide the exact amount of tees as one side of the block–ten.

The moment I introduced this work, it was love at first sight and has been in constant use since.

If you’d rather purchase similar material while supporting a small business, I highly recommend this lovely shop.

Do you think your little one would enjoy a block of holes?

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