“To offer the child an environment rich in motives for activity, in which he can choose what he will take and use, free from any teacher’s control, or indeed from adult control in general.” -Maria Montessori

A few months ago, the girls started to show an interest in the chores I did. Noticing this, I started to provide them with cloths, perfectly sized for them, to help. These cloths are easy for them to manage and can be used for a variety of chores: wiping tables, cleaning up spills, dusting, hand mopping the floor, etc.

A swiffer (with a center pole removed), a squeegee, and a hand brush were included in their arsenal of cleaning supplies. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that we have been making some changes to better accommodate their growth–walking is just around the corner and the are able to reach everything–and a welcoming area draws the child’s attention. As E started to squeegee the windows more and more, it became clear that creating a more proper area for their cleaning materials was a must.

I wanted their supplies to be easily obtainable and near where most of our cleaning takes place–in the kitchen. But, having a smaller home, I often need to find ways to work with what is already existing. So using a few hooks, I was able to put a little something together for them near the slider.

Here are a few items that the girls have:

Swiffer– I love that I’m able to remove poles so that it may be adjusted to their height.

Squeegee- While I wish it were a little smaller, it works perfectly for them and they handle it well.

Hand brush- The size is perfect and once I introduced it, it became a quick favourite. (Our current one is sold out, but I found something similar.)

Floor sweeper- A sweeper is ideal over a vacuum because it allows the child a better visual of how the object works. It’s also easier to use and child powered. The one we have allows for the removal of poles, like the swiffer, to adjust the height, creating the perfect child-size tool.

Lint remover- With two super hairy pets, fur removers are a must in the house. I have one I use that the girls are obsessed with. So when I came across the same thing, but smaller for travel, I knew it was just what they would enjoy.

Those tools that aren’t displayed on hooks, like their lent remover, are placed on the lower shelf in one of their kitchen cabinets.


While a few items may be added to their supplies, this setup should work well for year to come.

Does your child have cleaning supplies readily available? What is their favourite?


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